Google to Train Black Coders As It Opens Howard West

Google to Train Black Coders As It Opens Howard West


Google is opening “Howard West” in partnership with Howard University, it’s going to be a summer code camp where majors in computer science can be trained on how to code from Google’s Mountain View Headquarters, California. Those enrolled have the opportunity to work from one of the world’s best tech companies in Silicon Valley.

About 25 to 30 juniors and seniors from the Washington-based University’s Computer Science Program will have the opportunity to be at Google summer camp for 12 weeks. Those selected for the residency program will be instructed by Google engineers as well as receiving course credits during their period of study.

The aim of the program is one of Google’s campaigns to recruit more software engineers from predominantly black colleges and universities. This is a deliberate effort by Google to address the serious shortfall of African Americans on its payroll, especially in technical roles, where they constitute only a percentage of the workforce.

According to Benita Stewart, Google’s vice president of global partnerships, the company seeks to expand the program to cover other typical black colleges and universities; she has also been working with Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick to build the framework.

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