Hacked MacDonald’s Account Used to Blast Donald Trump


I think the new trend isn’t about building a respectable following, it’s actually making use of someone else’s, especially if you plan to do something as crazy as insulting and blasting a president. Well, that was what the hacker of MacDonald’s Twitter account did, and one tweet was enough to get our attention.

MacDonald’s released a statement that its Twitter account was hacked on Thursday morning, and that had resulted in the tweet we are going to talk about. The tweet was posted 6 am yesterday, and it called Donald Trump a “disgusting excuse of a president” and that Donald Trump has a small hand.

The tweet was live for about 29 minutes and it was pinned to the top of the company’s Twitter feed. As soon as Twitter informed MacDonald’s that the account has been hacked, the fast-food company deleted the tweet and secured the account immediately, and this was released around an hour after the tweet was deleted.

Rather than having a negative impact on the company’s social media account, the tweet has ended up making the company enjoy over 150% more mentions, and interestingly, a lot of these comments were positive. Many Twitter users even joked that they will be visiting MacDonald’s more often because of the tweet.

Hacked MacDonald’s Account Used to Blast Donald Trump

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