Something Scary Is Here—Exploding Headphones

Something Scary Is Here—Exploding Headphones


An Australian woman’s mid-air slumber was prematurely cut short as she discovered that her precious headphone was going up in flames right on her head, and I am pretty sure this must have been one of the scariest things that will ever happen to her.

The first thing that may have come up on your mind is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that made a name for itself as the exploding phone, and that continued until the company got tired of the problems it’s causing and decided it was best to send it back home real quick. But it wasn’t quick enough to have helped Samsung’s market in any way.

The exploding headphone has now made the Australian authorities send out warnings about the dangers that are associated with using any kind of battery powered gadgets while on a flight.

The woman in question was said to be on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne when the sound of the explosion woke her as she listened to music. The moment she brought them off, she saw the headphone sparking, melting and catching fire. According to her:

“I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck. I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor.” It was reported that members of the flight crew were on hand to assist as they poured water on the exploding headphone, but that was not enough to stop the battery and the melted plastic from sticking to the floor of the plane.

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