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Tesla Model 3 to Outsell BMW and Mercedes after Ramp Up


This week will mark exactly one year since Elon Musk revealed; the $35,000 Model 3, his most crucial vehicle on stage. The electric powered five-seater car costs around the same price as the best-selling luxury sedan vehicles in America – the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C class – and also accelerates just as fast.

The eminent quality proposal was the most ideal for an electric car ever as heard by the audience, and the crowd totally bought the idea.

However, none of what he said that night was as daring as what he had coming. Shortly after receiving about $1000 a piece of 400,000 deposits, Elon Musk stepped up the production processes.  And then he expanded them a little more. The billionaire Tesla CEO believes that he can meet up the achievements of the top luxury brands, and not only that, he thinks he can make more sales in the US just three months into the formal launch of production.

The automobile manufacturing company has a couple schemes in wait for the launch of the Model 3; hence, it is necessary to admire how much Musk has set the bar. With a rare exactitude for an automaker; he was able to spell out a comprehensive production in a pitch with investors last month, which throws more light on the picture.

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