This Robot Lawyer Gives Free Advice to Refugees

This Robot Lawyer Gives Free Legal Advice to Refugees


This is what some have called the world’s first robot lawyer, a chatbox that carries out conversations through texts and vocal commands. It has been programmed to gather information using Facebook messenger before it gives advice and legal documents to people—its name is DoNotPay.

The robot which was originally designed to help people escape speeding tickets and wiggle out of parking tickets has now been modified to help asylum seekers by its 20-year-old owner who is currently studying at Stanford University. The robot is now helping people in the US and Canada to complete immigration applications and it is helping asylum seekers to gain financial support in the UK.

In order to develop the chatbox, Joshua Browder got the help of lawyers in each of the countries being supported, and according to him, “it works by asking a series of questions to determine if a refugee is eligible for asylum protection under international law. For example, ‘are you afraid of being subjected to torture in your home country?’

“As soon as the robot knows that an individual can claim asylum it will take down details and fill each on the specific section on an application form, and interestingly, all conversations between the person and the bot is in English, which makes it pretty easy to work around.”

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