WhatsApp Encryption under Attack

WhatsApp Encryption under Attack


WhatsApp is under intense pressure to give security organizations access to its encrypted communications after last week’s scathing Westminster attack.  The messaging app could yield to pressure in coming days as many are of the opinion that terrorists should have no hiding place, not even on social media.

Adrian Ajao already killed four people before getting killed outside parliament last Wednesday, and it was stated that he had sent a final message via the app minutes before the attack. Many are of the opinion that the contents of the message would be helpful in getting the accomplices and collaborators.

It gets pretty funny because even though WhatsApp may yield to pressure, it won’t be able to hand over the message even if it wanted to. Its end-to-end encryption means it wouldn’t even have access to the message Ajao had sent.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd stated that it’s not acceptable, in her words, “we have to have a situation where we can have our security services get into the terrorists’ communications. There should be no place for terrorists to hide.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a social media company or a messaging app has come under pressure for not stopping people from planning attacks over the internet. Britain’s David Cameron had even attacked Blackberry Messenger after the London riots of 2011. Cameron had even floated the idea that WhatsApp should be forced to break its encryption for security organizations after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

WhatsApp Encryption under Attack

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