Woman launches her iPhone App at 81

Woman launches her iPhone App at 81


I can’t write programs or create apps, so when I saw this I was pretty surprised and am sure you will also be because you are human. I have personally shied away from learning to code because I believed it’s for the intelligent, but seeing a woman who learned to use a computer at 60 and now knows how to code 21 years after, I can’t just help but praise her.

She is Japanese, and if you have been in the industry long enough, you would have heard phrases that term women as Japan’s hidden asset, well, this woman just proved that to be true.

Her name is Masako Wakamiya, and she stated that her motivation was the fact that people her age had fewer games targeted at them. In her words, “we easily lose games when playing against young people, since our finger movements can’t match their speeds. I wanted to create a fun app to get elderly people interested in smartphones, and this took about half a year to develop.”

She is a retired banker, and she stated that she had asked people to create games for the elderly with all of them showing little interest. That led to her taking it upon herself and achieving what many young people haven’t done—people like myself.

Woman launches her iPhone App at 81

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