Einride’s Electric Self-Driving T-Pod—The New Kind Of Freight Transport Vehicle

Einride’s Electric Self-Driving T-Pod—The New Kind of Freight Transport Vehicle


Swedish transport startup Einride has revealed its ‘T-Pod’ design on Thursday, an electric vehicle with self-driving capabilities that can carry 15 pallets of goods over 124 miles while producing zero emissions.

The T-Pod is a truck, but it is designed like a boxcar with an electric motor and remote operating capabilities; according to Einride,  the fact that it can be operated remotely gives it capabilities which set it apart from other autonomous trucks that require human drivers to take over once out of the highway.

The truck is relatively smaller than most transport trucks at 23 foot and a weight of about 20 tons at full capacity, but platooning the vehicles can make it just as effective as larger vehicles while keeping range and efficiency at their best.

According to Filip Lilja, COO at Einride, “Einride is transforming the existing transport chain from the ground up. The big companies behind long haul trucks keep building bigger trucks to increase efficiency, which ultimately means, even more, emissions. We are changing that by creating a secure solution that is, not only cost effective but dramatically minimizes the negative environmental impact of the transportation industry.” Also, the T-Pod’s remote capabilities are so efficient, it doesn’t require personnel assistance while it charges, thereby saving time.

Einride’s Electric Self-Driving T-Pod—The New Kind Of Freight Transport Vehicle

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