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Forgot Where You Parked? Google Maps is There To Help You

So, do you always end up forgetting where you have parked your car? Worry not, for Google Maps has now got you covered. No more stressing about your parking location – crossing streets, only to find that the car is not really parked there

Google formally revealed the new component on Tuesday, which it beta-tasted for Android users a month ago.

You can tap the blue dot which shows your location to see a choice to save your parking place at in Maps. A name will fly up, showing where you stopped your auto.

By tapping on that name, you can open up a “parking card” to include additional insights about the parking space -, for example, the level of the parking structure or the measure of time left before the meter lapses. Users also have the option to save an image of the spot and send their parking location with other people. The card feature adds extra dimensions to this feature. With this, you will not have to make a note of everything around your parking, since all of it can be virtually added through the card.

Say, you have a friend who is to pick up your car, you can share the location with them instead of directing them where exactly your car is parked. It saves a lot of fuss.

The parking area is defined through GPS, cell towers and known WiFi areas, a Google representative told CNNTech.

Last November, Apple similarly launched an automatic parking feature for Apple Maps. If iOS users connect their iPhones to their vehicles through Bluetooth, their parking spaces will be automatically be pinned to the map after they get out of the car. Google has offered a comparable feature for iOS users who use Google Maps since March.

With the parking thing sorted out, users will not have to worry about where they have parked their cars. Good move, Google.

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