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Here’s How Alibaba Plans to Uplift 1 Million U.S. Companies in China

Jack Ma, official executive of Chinese super company Alibaba, met with President Trump in January and suggested that he would give 1 million U.S. small businesses entrée to the Chinese market.

So as a front move, Alibaba has arranged a meeting in Detroit on June 20 and 21 to educate U.S. businesses on how to pitch to the company’s 443 million clients in China and how to make things work out.

The two biggest small business advertisers on the planet are the United States and China, and “connecting them seems like a good idea – good for the United States and good for China,” Alibaba President Michael Evans told USA TODAY.

While Americans know about the possibility that the greater part of their shopper products originates from China, China imports some buyer merchandise from the United States. Alibaba sees a chance to enormously build on those.

Presently, the site has 7,000 U.S. companies, for the most part, companies with a large brand name. Throughout the following five years, Alibaba would like to expand that to more than 1 million.

As a first step towards that, the company plans to welcome upwards of 2,000 U.S. small entrepreneurs, business people, and agriculturists to Detroit, focusing on items it trusts Chinese purchasers need.

First, Alibaba seeks to instruct participants about the business opportunity that China speaks to.

Next, it plans to teach them the art of pitching to China, everything from finding a partner company in China to the coordinations of delivery, to managing outside trade.

At long last it will play intermediary, acquainting Americans with small Chinese companies that maintain advanced storefronts on Alibaba’s Tmall site.

“We’re going to be very involved in the end-to-end process, establishing the connection and the facilitating it,” said Evans.

Alibaba says it can do this because it has immense knowledge into the requirements of its 443 million clients in China.

In Ma’s words, “think of us as a virtual mall with nearly half a billion shoppers buying from sellers that operate their own online storefronts.”

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