IBM Advances in Cloud Computing By Opening Four New Data Centres in the U.S.

IBM, which has been putting a great deal of effort on its cloud framework recently, reported that it is opening four new data centres in the United States. These new offices — two in Dallas, Texas and two in Washington, DC — bring IBM’s aggregate number of centres for its cloud to 55. In the U.S., IBM now has 22 server farms.

As IBM noted in its quarterly income release in April, revenue from its cloud administrations was up 33 percent in the last quarter, with its aggregate cloud income hitting $14.6 billion in the course of the last 12 months.Thus, it makes sense for the company to intensely put resources into this piece of its business; also because its revenues from other sources are shrinking.

“IBM is making major investments to expand our global cloud data centres in 2017 and provide the infrastructure necessary for enterprises to run the cognitive, big data, blockchain and IoT workloads they require,” noted John Considine, general manager for cloud infrastructure, IBM, in today’s announcement. “IBM’s growing global cloud footprint across 19 countries and six continents gives enterprises the flexibility and scale to run their most complex workloads when and where they need.”
While IBM’s showcasing tends to focus on Watson and other canny services, it additionally puts an overwhelming effort on metal servers, particularly in blend with Nvidia GPUs which designers can use for their elite computing application or prepare their machine learning models. With Bluemix, it likewise works one of the biggest OpenStack clouds, and with the open-source OpenWhisk venture, it actively takes care of “serverless” computing.

With IBM actively investing in data centres across the United States, it apparently seems to have things in perspective. And since the whole project turns out to be quite yielding for the company – more than anything else, the future might see even more attention from it in these spheres.

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