Lincoln Chauffeur Invents an Uber for Only the Rich

Lincoln Chauffeur Invents Uber for Only the Rich


Lincoln has announced a brand new service that allows owners of cars rent drivers for short intervals. The service is like a more luxurious version of Uber except the drivers are Lincoln employees and would do anything on demand, from ferrying you around to helping out with the groceries and returning your car home, essentially giving you the VIP treatment.

With charges of about $30, the service isn’t cheap especially when you have to be the one to supply the car, but the drivers will be employed by Lincoln itself after undergoing stringent background checks, so you are not bothered about car theft.

The driver can return your car home after dropping you off at your destination, and may perform other duties like picking something up, or getting gas while you are having the time of your life, and when it’s time to leave you can get the driver to come and pick you up, saving cash on parking charges and valet tips. Chauffeur customers will also be able to request specific drivers if they find one they like.

For now, the service is only testing in Miami, however, plans are underway to extend it as far out as San Diego and a mobile app is in the works too.

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