Meet GM’s Hydrogen-Powered Chevrolet ZH2 Off-road truck

Meet GM’s Hydrogen-Powered Chevrolet ZH2 Off-road truck


General Motors and the United States Army have developed a pickup truck that runs on hydrogen fuel. The Chevrolet ZH2 off-road truck pumps hydrogen into a fuel cell where it’s combined with oxygen which creates water and at the same time releases a stream of electrical energy to power the vehicle.

The 6½-foot tall ZH2 truck was developed by GM in cooperation with the United States Army’s Tank Automotive Research and Development Center (TARDEC).

Although not completely silent, The ZH2 is relatively very quiet, there is, however, a whoosh of air being sucked in when it starts, and there is also some noise from the tires, suspension, electric motors and splashing mud. But, compared to a regular truck, it’s nearly silent.

The truck is also cold since it does not burn fuel to give off heat which could be picked by thermal imaging cameras, a feature that would come in handy for the army in combat when staying stealth is crucial.

And as far as eco-friendliness go, soldiers can drink the exhaust.

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