More Than 150 Tech Companies Not Happy With Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Silicon Valley is disapproving of Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

On Wednesday, more than 160 tech companies asked a federal court to put an end to the president’s limitations on travellers from a few Muslim-majority nations, Recode revealed.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and Snap, are among the numerous tech giants backing the lawful brief which was filed in Virginia’s Fourth-Circuit Court of Appeals.

The document says that the modified official request would result in “substantial harm on U.S. companies, their employees, and the entire economy.”

The companies say it will stop them to make competitive hiring and there will be comparatively less motivating forces for organisations to leave the U.S.

The contention is very much similar to the one put out by similar tech companies laid out in a brief contradicting Trump’s first endeavour at the travel boycott earlier this year, which was closed after a government judge’s order.

Talking about national security, President Trump’s second travel ban aims to cut down on the number of people who can enter the U.S. from countries that have a Muslim majority. The ban, called “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” was put out by the President on earlier last month on March 6. Taking action against the decision, a federal judge put a halt to the order, which gave the President a political blow along with his supporters. When the first travel ban was issued in January, it was blocked by a federal court.

Silicon Valley pioneers have additionally been reproachful of Trump’s immigration strategies in broad daylight.

Trump issued another official request on Tuesday that required the government to rethink its policy for H1-B visas conceded to highly skilled workers. The move could have great impact on the tech businesses, which has thousands of employees who are foreign nationals.

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