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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Discontinued, Only to Be Revived Again?

Just a week ago, Nintendo had to deal with a lot of disappointment from fans when it declared that it was killing the favourite NES Classic Edition.

“We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System,” a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer.

“If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.”

The Nintendo NES was launched in a shrunk-down version late last year and could be plugged into a display. It came pre-loaded with 30 games and looked tidy – a perfect present for Christmas.

However, the Classic story doesn’t end here.

Banking on the fact that most companies don’t suspend products that get such incredible reviews and sell out quickly, we may see a mini Super Nintendo toward the finish of the year.

As per Eurogamer, “sources close to Nintendo” affirmed that a mini SNES is anticipated for a Christmas launch. Eurogamer added that its sources demonstrate that the product development has already started.

Besides, Eurogamer’s sources say that the work on the mini SNES may have prompted the NES Classic Edition to discontinue.

Nintendo has its own thoughts on the NES Classic Edition. It said that it never expected the product to be “an ongoing, long-term product,” and it found itself napping by its sudden, unexpected success.

The sudden discontinuation of the product indicates that people will never get a hand on the NES Classic until they hunt for it on stores like eBay. The death of the NES has inevitably stirred up the second-hand market quite a bit. The NES mini was launched at a price of £49.99 on Nintendo’s official UK store. The stock was limited to one unit per customer.

However, on eBay, the prices are much high. One of the sellers had at least 10 NES minis units for sale – each priced at £249.95. However, the products seem to have been sold out since they are no longer available.

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