Nintendo’s 2DS XL To Be Launched This July

Nintendo is expanding its variety of handheld gaming gadgets in the mid-year with the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a bigger update to the 2DS, the company reported today.

In the U.S., the New 2DS XL will be accessible in a dark/turquoise color plan for $149.99 beginning July 28. That is an indistinguishable day from two of Nintendo’s huge summer games for the 3DS family: Miitopia, an RPG featuring Miis, and Hey! Pikmin. Nintendo reported the July 28 date today for Miitopia, and two weeks ago for Hey! Pikmin.

The new handheld is likewise coming to Japan where it will be known as the New 2DS LL — taking after the current naming plan for the bigger 3DS — and will launch on July 13 for 14,980 yen. Notwithstanding the blue/turquoise show that will be released in the U.S., the New 2DS LL will be accessible in Japan in a white/orange color plan. Nintendo plans to launch the New 2DS XL in Europe amid July, but the company did not specify a release date or cost in that locale.

Nintendo launched the first 2DS worldwide in October 2013 as an entry option to the 3DS; costing $79.99. The New 3DS XL costs $199.99, and in a news release, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime pitched the New 2DS XL as a gadget that “offers a great balance between price and performance.”

The 2DS does not offer the stereoscopic 3D screen that is the key component of the 3DS, and it arrives in a slate shape. The New 2DS XL holds the 3DS’ clamshell design. Its screens will be an indistinguishable size from the ones found on the New 3DS XL: 4.88 inches for the non-3D screen, and 4.18 inches for the resistive touchscreen on the base.

Like the 3DS XL models, the New 2DS XL incorporates NFC for amiibo support and accompanies a 4 GB microSDHC card for additional storage. One striking thing that the New 2DS XL has against the first 2DS is that it ships with an AC connector, whereas the New 3DS XL does not. You can see more on the comparison here.

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