Smartphone Will Soon Go Extinct And Things Will Suddenly Get Really Weird

There’s no doubt about this, but our world is like ten years away from making a significant deviation from the use of smartphones.

Tech giants like Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and many other new startups are pioneering the extinction of the use of the smartphone. Little by little, the road map is being drawn, and it will end in the demise of smartphones in the future.

Things are going to get really strange for everyone if and whenever the smartphone goes extinct. Well, not only in relation to individual products but definitely how we will be able to cope with everyday life and perhaps in terms of our humanity itself.

Let’s take a short peek at the sluggish, relentless move towards the impending demise of the smartphone – and how the world would look like when smartphones no longer exist.

The iPhone and smartphones are thought by people as revolutionary devices. Portable enough to be carried everywhere, weighty enough to perform a growing amounts of our day to day tasks, and fully designed with good cameras and GPS sensors for Uber and SnapChat apps to work just fine.

For instance, let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 that was showcased last week. It is simply stunning with beautiful bezel-less screen and some superb performance and functionality on the inside. It’s very magnificent, however, it’s more of an improvement than a revolution.

Evidently, the Galaxy S8 comes with Bixby, a new virtual assistant and Samsung vows that in the future it will help you manage all features and apps with just your voice. It will also come with the latest version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset, made in partnership with Facebook’s Oculus.

An upgraded Siri assistant will come with the next version of the iPhone, together with components for the sole purpose of making augmented reality mainstream.

More tech companies, both big and small will be making more trials and wagers on the next big wave in computing interfaces. This will be as a result of the little success that devices like the Amazon Echo, Sony PlayStation VR, and the Apple Watch continue to enjoy.

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