Sony’s Ssds Can Survive 4k Capturing

Sony’s SSDs Can Survive 4K capturing


RAW video cameras can be acquired by aspiring filmmakers easily, or they could easily make use of a DSLR with an external 4k recorder like the Atomos Ninja 2.

The problem they may have to face is that the SSDs on these devices often record and dump out high bit-rate 4k videos multiple times a week, so they are expected to be both faster and stronger than the one on your laptop if you need good results. This problem, however, is solved by Sony with the introduction of its latest G series professional SSDs which can write up to 2,400 terabytes without failing and with a powerful tech that prevents frame dropping which is terribly bad for video business.

According to the company, Sony, the SV-GS96 960GB model’s 2,400 terabytes rating lets you write the drive 5 days a week in ten years without stopping and without hitches. The 480GB model (SV-GS48) lets you do the same for half the time—5 days in 5 years without failing. Both drives can write at 500 MB/s and also read at 550 MB/s. some of its features are built-in technology that prevents a decrease in speed and ensures stable recording of high bit-rate 4k video without frame dropping.

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