Spotify May have Its Own Music Streaming Device Soon

Spotify, besides music,  is starting to fiddle with hardware, and it has some truly enormous yearnings.

A job posting on the company’s official site says that Spotify needs to fabricate a category-defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles that will “affect the way the world experiences music and talk content.”

For the present, Spotify’s correlations with the Pebble, Echo, and Spectacles are the most telling part of its plans. There was nothing else very like those gadgets when they turned out, and they each presented hardware that somehow hoisted an already established software experience.

However, with that, it’s entirely understandable that Spotify is occupied with making a gadget that is equipped for playing music. That practically sounds curious now — 10 years after the iPod started to be smashed by smartphones. However, if Spotify can come up with something refreshing up its sleeve, the dead iPod’s space might just get filled.

Well, Spotify could have something like the Mighty, an iPod rearrange like a media player that streams music from Spotify, in mind. But the Mighty originated from a crowdfunding effort, and it’s yet to be shipped to the public. Then, the Pebble Core — a run-GPS beacon and music player with a 3G was scratched off before it could ever see the light of day.

The way that the greater part of this news is being uncovered from job postings proposes that Spotify isn’t too far along here. The posting goes to say that the individual who fills the position will “define the product requirements” for the hardware and software, implying that Spotify is just setting its first steps here.

nevertheless, Spotify has already made its presence in the music industry, and if it can come up with a device that matches people’ expectations and comes at a fair price, it could gain a lot of ground.

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