New Cyber Attack Transcends the Globe, Built With NSA Tools Despite Warnings

National Security Agency (NSA) malware has been used in a targeted worldwide cyber-attack, which also includes British hospitals, in what Edward Snowden depicted as the consequence of the NSA’s heedless choice to construct the tools.

“Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software. Today we see the cost,” Snowden tweeted on Friday.

No less than two hospitals in London were compelled to close down and quit admitting patients after being attacked by the malware. The malware works by locking out the user from the system, encoding information, and demanding a payoff to release it. The attacks hit many different hospitals, rescue vehicle administrators, and doctors’ workplaces too.

The Blackpool Gazette in the north-west detailed that the staff had turned to pen and paper when phone and PC frameworks closed down.

Different disturbances were accounted for in no less than 74 nations, including Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Japan, and the number is developing quick, as per Kaspersky Lab head Costin Raiu. Security draftsman Kevin Beau said it was spreading into the U.S. too.

The malware, which Microsoft was testing for a short period earlier this year, was spilt by a group which calls itself the Shadow Brokers. The group has been releasing NSA hacking tools online since a year ago, the New York Times reports.

Dan Bilefsky and Nicole from The Times Perlroth wrote:

Microsoft rolled out a patch for the vulnerability in March, but hackers apparently took advantage of the fact that vulnerable targets—particularly hospitals—had yet to update their systems.

The malware was circulated by email. Targets were sent an encrypted, compressed file that, once loaded, allowed the ransomware to infiltrate its targets.

Reuters announced that the National Health Service (NHS), England’s general health system, was cautioned about the attack a day before, but by then it was too late.

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