iPhone 8 New Feature Update : Device May Accompany Great Speakers For An Immersive Audio Experience

Apple’s 2017 flagship, named as the iPhone 8 – marking ten years of the Apple line-up, has been standing out as truly newsworthy with rumors swinging past.

A current report by JP Morgan experts uncovers that the new lead gadget will come fitted with an upgraded earpiece that will help in enhancing the sound of the iPhone 8. The said leak likewise recommends improved waterproofing with more protection.

JP Morgan analysts are examiners that track Apple’s production network in the Asia-Pacific region. Past breaks from the group have consistently turned out to be valid.

The experts did not specify any acoustical enhancements to the iPhone 8’s earpiece, but given the expansion in its surround sound quality, it is very likely that the iPhone 8 will highlight a superior and louder speaker with better sound than the iPhone 7.

Numerous reports have as of now recommended that the new leader Apple gadget, the iPhone 8 will cost significantly more than its predecessor, which will again be an addition to Apple’s trend of premium pricing.

Given the expansion in the cost of iPhone 8, we can securely accept that the gossip about AirPods being included with the phone could remain constant. JP Morgan investigators anticipated this move by Apple including AirPods with the iPhone 8 in a similar hole.

Other reputed highlights by the experts include a stainless steel and glass design, quicker processor, remote charging, bigger battery, and even a face recognition module.

Since the iPhone 8 will be marking ten years of Apple’s presence in the iPhone business, it ought to be special, and not just another addition to the line-up. Apple should, therefore, make all efforts to improve this model. Going by Apple’s trend of innovation at its best, we can surely expect some new features in Apple’s upcoming flagship which is scheduled to release later this year.

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