Nokia to Relaunch the Strongest Phone in History—3310

Old Nokia Phones Resurrect as Great Sex Toys

Because of their solid vibration work, old Nokia phones are getting new life as vibrators, as indicated by an overview on female masturbation in India.

One hundred women reacted to the survey by Agents of Ishq, a venture focused on sex, love and desire in India. And they replied about how they accomplish greatest fulfillment.

“The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey,” Agents of Ishq wrote earlier this month in a post about the survey, which was originally brought to our attention by Vocativ. “We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this.”

While an overview of only 100 ladies barely proposes old Nokia phones will appear in sex shops at any point shortly, it’s commendable that ladies are getting shrewd about old phones.

Nokia did not react instantly to a demand for a remark on the mystery exotic existences of its phones.

While utilizing a phone’s vibration work for sexual gratification may sound peculiar, remember that sex toys like vibrators aren’t as promptly accessible to women in a few nations as they are in others.

Nokia phones aren’t the main items to offer sexual fulfillment. As per the Homemade Sex Toys site, there are approaches to using any phone as a vibrator.

The best choice is by all accounts the alarm technique. Simply program your alarm to go off on vibrate for whatever length of time that you think you’ll have to take care of business.

The site proposes keeping your old phone when you move up to another one. That way you can have a gadget only for your provocative time needs.

“Having a sex-only cell phone vibrator also means you can keep your everyday cell phone pristine,” Homemade Sex Toys website suggests. “You won’t have to worry that it smells funky, or feel weird if you let a friend talk on it.”

And a reward for the individuals who think about the earth: by utilizing your old mobile phone as a vibrator as opposed to tossing it in a waste set out toward the landfill, you’ll help spare the earth one slowly – one climax at any given moment.

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