Walking in space and repairing system errors, Peggy Whitson performs her record-tying 10th spacewalk

Space traveler Peggy Whitson on Tuesday repaired a basic International Space Station system amid an almost three-hour spacewalk that moved her to the second place on NASA’s list for the most spacewalking time.

Joined by NASA’s Jack Fischer, Whitson swapped out a PC transfer box that had flopped on Saturday, leading to the error in the system.

Known as a multiplexer-demultiplexer, or MDM, the container controlled the station’s solar arrays, radiators and cooling circles, among different frameworks.

A reinforcement box remained in great shape, but NASA on Sunday requested the impromptu spacewalk to minimize the danger of a reinforcement disappointment.

Whitson, the 57-year-old commander of the station’s five-man Expedition 51 team, unbolted the transfer box and introduced an extra as the football field-length research complex went about circling 250 miles over the home planet.

Fischer, in the interim, introduced remote correspondences receiving wires on the station’s Destiny lab module.

The two-hour, 46-minute spacewalk was thus added to Whitson’s record-breaking resume.

A month ago, she set another NASA stamp for most number of days spent in space with over 534 days; an accomplishment celebrated with a call from President Donald Trump.

Tuesday’s spacewalk was her tenth of her total spacewalks, tying the most number of spacewalks by a NASA space traveler. Over the span of it, she passed two resigned NASA associates, Jerry Ross and John Grunsfeld, for most time performing spacewalks.

Whitson’s vocation aggregate of 60 hours and 21 minutes of extravehicular action, or EVA, trails NASA’s Michael Lopez-Alegria by over seven hours and Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev — the unequalled pioneer — by around 20 hours.

No more spacewalks are booked before Whitson’s arranges to come back to Earth in September with Fischer, a 43-year-old flight engineer who finished his second spacewalk on Tuesday.

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