Samsung Galaxy S8’s Screen Could Be Its Selling Point

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 is old, Samsung Galaxy S9 to go into manufacturing sooner than expected, reports say

At the end of the day, your sparkling new Samsung Galaxy S8 is old news. As indicated by reports from the Korean press, advancement of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is effectively well in progress, under the codenames “Star” and “Star 2” separately. That is utterly unsurprising in itself as this is generally how it goes.

But what’s probably different this time around, as indicated by The Bell, is that the plan for the Galaxy S9 is purportedly somewhere in the range of three to four months in front of past leaders. As indicated by the sources, the GS9 could enter large scale manufacturing before the end of 2017, which could indicate a prior launch window in 2018 — probably at World Congress 2018.

In the meantime, these reports should be consumed with a pinch of salt, particularly when they originate from an only source. Regardless of the possibility that the Galaxy S9’s generation course of events is in front of past releases, we’re as yet a decent nine months or all the more far from seeing the products of Samsung’s endeavors.

Concerning the codename itself, “Star” fits into the standard example of enlightening us essentially nothing regarding the phone itself. Past Samsung codenames have included Dream (GS8), Grace (Note 7) and Zen (GS6 edge+); the forthcoming Note 8 apparently passes by the codename “Great.”

The other piece of GS9 data we have up to this point is that Samsung is reportedlt working with Qualcomm on the cutting edge Snapdragon chips that’ll control the phone in a few regions. Once more, no curve balls there.

However, as time takes its course, it is quite clear that more reports will come out on the upcoming device in the Samsung Galaxy franchise, until then, the best we can do is wait and predict what we could see in the upcoming Galaxy S9.

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