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Russian hackers used Britney Spears’ Instagram account for delivering secret messages

Famous pop star Britney Spears’ Instagram account was used by Russian hackers as a mystery notice board to put coded messages that were a piece of malware, a security company revealed.

Slovakian antivirus company ESET said in a blog entry that it had discovered encoded messages in the remarks segment of Spears’ account that, when filtered by a malware-infected PC, would give headings on where to send stolen data.

One comment which was posted earlier in February resembled a yet another fan posting: “#2hot make loved to her, uupss HHot #X”

However, to those who know what to search for, it could be converted into a site address that permitted malware to speak with the PCs controlling it. The reason for the subterfuge was to guarantee there was no trail between the programmers’ PCs and the PCs their malware had invaded.

Spears would have had no learning that a portion of the comments posted in her Instagram were in truth coded messages between hacked PCs, ESET senior malware scientist Jean-Ian Boutin said.

There was additionally no risk to anybody in touch with the account, Boutin stated, and no probability that their gadgets could have been debased or contaminated by it.

“There is no active or clickable content, in this case, no harm can be done to the account’s followers,” said Boutin.

The message is much the same as a spy leaving a window shade up or down to speak with the operator’s handlers. In that situation, the spy would stroll down the road and look up to the window to know whether he or she ought to go to a site to discover a message left there.

For this situation, the ESET scientists were following a group of Russian-talking programmers named Turla.

Turla verifiably has focused on discretionary, government, and protection substances crosswise over Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the United States, said Cristiana Brafman Kittner, a senior examiner with PC security company FireEye.

The software of these sort used by the group affects systems and then sits tight for directions on where to send the data it’s found.

In this occasion, the assailants added remarks to Spears’ Instagram record to shroud an encoded URL that prompted their servers and was intended just to be perused by their malware.

This demonstrates exactly how refined and creative hackers are as they work to keep away from discovery, said Ronnie Tokazowski, a senior malware investigator for security firm Flashpoint.

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