Say hello to Facebook’s new ad metrics for publishers

Facebook says it’s presenting various new estimations for organizations that purchase promotions and own Facebook Pages.

A year ago, the company said that it had been distorting a few measurements — however, none of the missteps appeared to be especially effective, but in total, they made the feeling that the company needs to work harder on straightforwardness for publicists. (It’s additionally opened up for a review from the Media Rating Council.)

Also, none of the new measurements that Facebook is reporting today may have that enormous effect separately, but the company says they’re a piece of a more extensive activity.

“We’ve heard feedback from businesses that they want more transparency and understanding around their Facebook performance,” Facebook said in a blog post. “As part of our commitment to measurement, about every month or so we’ll release new metrics so that businesses have better ways to measure outcomes, all in one place.”

The most fascinating new metric is called “landing page views,” which tells publicists what number of users really made it to their mobile landing page after tapping on an advertisement.

As indicated by Facebook, this estimation should “help businesses realize the importance of optimizing for a better mobile web experience.” This has been a repeating topic at Facebook, which has been attempting to go around the slow internet by bringing a greater amount of that substance into Facebook itself through configurations like Instant Articles (for news publishers) and Canvas (for promoters).

Other new measurements incorporate a breakdown of whether people who tap on a promotion had already interfaced with the promoter’s site or application.

And there are new estimations for Facebook Pages — the development or decrease of followers, the quantity of people who see Page data (without tapping on the Page itself) through sneak peaks and the quantity of times a Page has been a part of somebody’s suggestions.

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