Toyota is working on flying cars, hoping to fly by 2019

Toyota is taking a shot at creating flying cars, with the goal of having a driver vehicle prepared to fly in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The thought is that a small flying car will have the capacity to easily move from heading to the skies, to carry the Olympic torch for authoritatively opening the games.

The venture isn’t yet prepared to stun the world, as should be obvious in the Associated Press video below. This early model of the auto is a fundamentally auxiliary framework, batteries and rotors, but it manages to get about head height before awkwardly falling.

The flying car is being made in association with Cartivator Resource Management, a small tech company that Toyota put about $400,000 into to breath life into this venture. This experimental drill occurred at a school field in central Japan, close to Toyota’s own home base.

Toyota has been investigating a scope of new tech and transportation choices, including extravagance yachts under its Lexus brand. The company is likewise reconsidering itself as an energy concern — however, it finished an deal with Tesla it had gone into to co-create technologies for electric vehicle a week ago.

Following stages for the flying cars extend to refining the design utilizing the new money contributed by Toyota, and planning to fly with a pilot at some point in 2019, in front of the expected launch of a completely practical vehicle in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic games.

In the race of flying cars, it will be interesting to see where this new venture by Toyota starts, and how it will make an impact on the auto industry. And for that, we may have to wait for the year 2019 – when the time comes, Toyota flying cars would be seen hovering around in space, carrying the Olympic torch. Until then, it’s only wait.

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