Daily Archives: July 10, 2017


Check Out the Lucid Air Top Speed of 235 MPH (Video)

One of Lucid’s model Air vehicles come back to the Transportation Research Facility’s oval race track for a round of rapid execution testing – and this time, it ran the tests without a software speed limiter set up. You can watch the video here. The first time, said speed limiter implied that the Air model…


These are the Latest Nintendo Switch Keyboards

With up and coming multiplayer online RPG game Dragon Quest X going to the Nintendo Switch this September in Japan, peripheral producers are preparing Switch agreeable keyboards. And this thing right here is something else. No thought if it’s, in reality, any great, but it unquestionably brings back recollections of this Game Cube keyboard controller….


Smart Home Devices Can Now Call the Cops, Should You Be Worried?

It is slowly getting evident that smart home devices can be a helping hand for police. Following a current case in which Amazon delivered information from its Echo gadget to police researching a murder, a smart device called the police when a couple was involved in a violent dispute. As per ABC News, officers were…

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