Check Out the Lucid Air Top Speed of 235 MPH (Video)

One of Lucid’s model Air vehicles come back to the Transportation Research Facility’s oval race track for a round of rapid execution testing – and this time, it ran the tests without a software speed limiter set up.

You can watch the video here.

The first time, said speed limiter implied that the Air model never surpassed velocities of 217 mph; without that limiter set up, it went up to 235 mph amid this new round of testing. Given what Lucid gained from that first test, they took their fast model back to the shop and made a few upgrades.

Those changes incorporate a software refresh to enhance the auto’s air suspension framework execution under substantial load and additionally cooling for the front engine, which ran hotter than anticipated.

With these progressions, the group felt positive about doing a run without the limiter set up and accomplished a maximum speed of 235.44 mph. Clear notes this isn’t the last top speed for the car, but it is amazing as hell in any case.

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