Check Out This Noise Isolating Helmet Which You Can Use to be More Productive

Often we feel like shutting out the world so gravely; we wouldn’t fret looking silly while we do it. While a large number of people would likely reach for headphones, Ukrainian design firm Hochu rayu needs to offer you a full oversized protective cap to hang out in.

The Helmfon, by Designboom, resembles a sleeker version of the headgear worn by Dark Helmet, the Darth Vader knockoff from “Spaceballs.” Hochu rayu designed the theoretical model for specialists who require a break from the hurrying around of the workplace.

Hochu rayu says the protective cap can be worn on the shoulders or mounted to a divider or roof. It uses froth to hose external sounds, offers a place to hold your smartphone and accompanies speakers and a microphone so you can work and remain efficient. The best part is that you can’t hear your colleagues talking without end.

The design company concocted the Helmfon while attempting to work out ways people can Skype at their work areas without troubling their associates.

This isn’t the first time when a company has thought of an unordinary approach to cut out on in-world distractions. The head-gulping Ostrich Pillow is one well-known thing. You can likewise arrange a fly up security tent called the Pause Pod.

The Helmfon is only a model right now, but Hochu rayu is chipping away at item testing and plans to offer a series of Helmfons available to be purchased. However, there’s no information on release yet.

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