UK to Introduce Drone Registration and promote Awareness

The UK government has declared plans to present drone registration and safety awareness courses for proprietors of the small unmanned flying machine.

It will influence any individual who claims a drone which measures more than 250 grams (8oz).

Drone creator DJI said it was supportive of the measures.

There is no time allotment or firm designs with respect to how the new guidelines will be authorized and the Department of Transport conceded that “the nuts and bolts still have to be ironed out”.

The awareness test will include potential flyers having to “prove that they understand UK safety, security and privacy regulations”, it said.

The designs likewise incorporate the augmentation of geo-fencing, in which no-fly zones are modified into drones utilizing GPS co-ordinates, around regions, for example, detainment facilities and airplane terminals.

“Our measures prioritise protecting the public while maximising the full potential of drones,” said Aviation Minister Lord Martin Callanan.

“Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair or aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives.

“But like all technology, drones too can be misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users, we can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.”

There has not been a significant mischance including a drone yet, but there have been a few reports of close misses with business airplane. There have additionally been occurrences of drones being used to convey drugs to jail detainees.

“Registration has its place. I would argue it will focus the mind of the flyer – but I don’t think you can say it’s going to be a magic solution,” said Dr Alan McKenna, law lecturer at the University of Kent.

“There will be people who will simply not be on the system, that’s inevitable.”

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