Daily Archives: September 21, 2017


Toshiba is selling its pioneer chip business: is it seeing hard times?

Toshiba is offering its prized memory chip business for $18 billion to a gathering of purchasers that incorporates Apple. The company is offloading significant resources for the endeavor to manage a devastating budgetary emergency. The memory chip business is its crown gem, which has pulled in enthusiasm from important tech companies like Taiwan’s Foxconn. But…


Google and HTC sign a $1.1B deal to step up the hardware game

Google and HTC have gone into a deal where certain HTC representatives will join Google. As a feature of the exchange, HTC will get $1.1B USD in real money from Google. Google will likewise get non-restrictive permit for HTC’s protected innovation. HTC says a significant number of the representatives worked with Google to build up…

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