Microsoft has finally decided to do something with LinkedIn

A year ago, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, it hasn’t yet done much with the greater part of the information it gets from the interpersonal organization. At its meeting in Orlando, Florida, the company declared some first steps in coordinating LinkedIn’s social chart with its Office items.

But wait! What we’re discussing here is the mix of LinkedIn information with Office 365 profile cards. So expecting you don’t know much about your expert contacts and partners yet, you would now be able to see more data about them ideal in Office 365 without going to their LinkedIn profiles and having it revealed to them.

As Microsoft representative, Frank X. Shaw noted amid a press conference in front of the occasion, the thought behind incorporating the Microsoft Graph and the LinkedIn Graph is tied in with making a more current work environment. “This will result in experiences like having LinkedIn content integrated with the Office 365 profile card,” he said. “So for example, before you go into an interview, information about that person from LinkedIn will show up in their contact card inside your Outlook Calendar in Office 365.”

The greater part of this sounds somewhat like Microsoft burned through $26.2 million to spare you a tick. But that is just the start, and it is expected that the integration will finally boost up.

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