Apple users report delayed notification in MacOS High Sierra

A bug in macOS High Sierra is making users get iMessages and SMS messages on Macs and other iCloud-associated gadgets long after they were initially sent, as per reports that have been developing in the course of the most recent weeks.

First spotted by AppleInsider, a developing number of protests on Apple’s help forums detail the issue, which is influencing Mac proprietors with iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches. The issue has likewise been grabbed on MacRumors’ discussions, while no less than one MacRumors staff part has encountered a similar issue.

On updating to macOS High Sierra, a few users report that iMessages just show up on their Mac after a long postpone contrasted with their iPads and iPhones. Others have seen that notifications are not coming through at all on different gadgets associated with the same iCloud account.

A few contributors to Apple’s help discussion and the MacRumors gathering have recommended two or three brief fixes, including disabling and re-enabling messages or sending messages on a Mac rather than an iOS gadget. Late beta versions of macOS High Sierra don’t seem to take care of the issue, making returning to macOS Sierra the main option. In the meantime, a group bug report has been made to ready Apple to the issue.

Some theory the bug could be identified with changes to the way iMessages work in the background. Apple is attempting to convey iCloud matching up to iMessage in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, with the goal that deleting a message on one gadget expels it from all gadgets connected to a similar record, for instance. The feature was pulled when the two working frameworks were launched, but Apple would like to present it later this fall.

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