Google examines the Pixel 2 screen burning problems

It’s notable that OLED displays can experience the ill effects of screen burning if the screen is pressed for long stretches – that is the reason Samsung utilizes hacks like shifting the home button on the newer phones.

However, the problem should not arise if you have just bought your fancy, expensive gadget home. The Pixel 2 XL, in this case, shed some worries here. Google revealed to Android Central that it’s researching reports (counting from AC’s own particular Alex Dobie) of the 2 XL’s P-OLED screen burning after approximately seven days. It’s not offering a decision on the issue at this stage, but it focuses on that it puts items through “extensive quality testing.”

While it appears to be stable at first, it’s not sure if this is screen burning. This could also be a case of image retention, which is more often associated with LCDs. It’s additionally not clear exactly what number of people are influenced. There are different reports, but there’s a difference between episodic stories and the issues discussed on the forums.

Whatever the case, this certainly isn’t what Google needed to have in their bucket. There are now different grumblings about the Pixel 2 XL’s display, regardless of whether it’s hues that aren’t as lively as on a few phones (yet more precise) and a blue tint when you see the screen from an adequately wide angle. The Pixel 2 XL should be one of Android Oreo’s two exhibit gadgets, but it might wind up leaving an acrid taste in people’s mouths if it’s all the more connected with display imperfections.

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