Bose Now Has Noise-Masking Earbuds to Promise You a Good Sleep

Bose has been seen presenting some flighty items over the recent times, including its Hearphones and Soundwear Companion Speaker, but its up and coming Noise-Masking Sleepbuds are making an exceptional debut for Bose in any case. The company is preselling models by Indiegogo crowdfunding.

“Help us put an end to sleepless nights,” says a note at the top of the campaign’s page. “We want your feedback to improve our latest innovation.”

The Sleepbuds are slated to retail for $249, but Bose is putting forth a few. The Sleepbuds are said to ship to supporters in February.

A video demonstrates how one would wear the buds during the evening, and also a partner application that plays soothing sounds.

“They’re tiny, comfortable and replace the sounds of busy city streets, noisy neighbors or a snoring partner with soothing sounds to help you fall asleep — and stay asleep,” Bose says. “By crowd-sourcing real feedback from real people like you, who are living the problem, we can work together to ensure we’re delivering on our promise.”

Bose says the Sleepbuds are outfitted with a silver-zinc rechargeable battery that can gibe a backup of two evenings on a complete charge. A charging case that gives one additional charge is likewise included. It’s important that you can use the mobile to set an alert that wakes just you and not anyone around you.

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