Firefox Just Got a Lightning Fast Update, is Now Faster Than Google Chrome

Mozilla’s most recent browser — Firefox Quantum — is speedy, smooth, and prepared to handle every one of those tabs after very nearly two months in beta.

Scratch Nguyen, Firefox’s VP of product, revealed to Mashable his greatest dread: Will the Internet brimming with Google Chrome-lovers give it a possibility?

“My biggest fear is that people won’t try it,” he said. “It’s like any release — you do this to make people’s lives better. If people aren’t using your product, you don’t have an opportunity to do that.”

And the people at Firefox have huge plans. Nguyen won’t rest until the point that Quantum overwhelms Google Chrome to wind up noticeably as the primary browser. “Today, people use Firefox as their secondary browser,” he told Mashable. “We think it’s good enough to be your first browser.”

There’s just a single approach to discover. So go ahead, close Chrome for two seconds and try it out.

This browser is super quick. In a test led with the open-source venture WebPageTest, Firefox Quantum managed to successfully load several sites before Chrome could, including Yelp, Shutterstock, and even Google Search itself. Chrome was still faster to stack most Google and Youtube pages.

The browser additionally uses around 30% less memory than its rivals Chrome, Edge, and Safari on Windows OS, and just uses a modest piece more than Chrome on macOS. This implies you can run 30% more tabs without your browser slowing down or crashing.

But where the company trusts its browser will stand out the most is in the interface. The company widely inquired about the way users explore browsers, and Firefox Quantum has various small, but significant highlights to suit those examples.

You can download the new browser here.

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