Good News: The Upcoming OnePlus 5T Won’t Ditch The Headphone Jack

While the headphone jack on smartphones isn’t a jeopardized species at this time, it’s obviously dropping out of support – and that will undoubtedly make you anxious if you would prefer not to carry on with the dongle lifestyle.

However, luckily for you, if that is the case, you won’t have that issue with the OnePlus 5T, in any event. OnePlus has affirmed that the 5T is coming, as well as is bragging that its up and coming handset will keep the 3.5mm port that such huge numbers of hold dear. It refers to both utilization propensities (right around 80 percent of OnePlus users depend on 3.5mm headphones) and its own investigation. It didn’t see much profit by requesting that people connect to the USB-C port, so why evacuate it?

This is without a doubt an exposure for the upcoming smartphone. And obviously, phone makers have a praise legacy features, just to pull them later. Keep in mind how Google touted the first Pixel phone line’s headphone jacks, just to take them away for the Pixel 2? Albeit OnePlus’ notoriety is based on reacting to client feedback, we wouldn’t decipher this as a guarantee that the headphone jack will stick around until the end of time. Simply breathe easy in light of realizing that you won’t need to forego that natural fitting to get an advanced Android smartphone event – not for some time, at least.

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