This Samsung Ad Takes a Dig at the Uselessness of iPhones

Samsung and Apple have been rivals in the game, and the Korean giant has pulled no punches with regards to taunting its adversary.

In the midst of Apple’s enormous iPhone X launch, Samsung is grinding away once more.

The ad demonstrates a protagonist who is an energetic Apple fan. We see images of Apple’s acclaimed lines outside its stores, an out-dated unpacking, and even a long hold up in the rain.

As the years pass by, the iPhone-adoring man is inadvertently insulted by his girlfriend, who is seen utilizing an assortment of Galaxy smartphones in simply the correct circumstances where it would have been more useful than an Apple smartphone.

While he’s writing a phone number, for example, she whips out her S Pen to serenely handwrite it. They then both fall in a lake — her Galaxy S7 is sheltered, while his iPhone 6S can just implore that a bowl of rice will do the saving.

Toward the finish of the ad, called “Growing Up,” the protagonist, apparently tired of Apple’s issues, gifts himself a brand-new Galaxy Note 8.

Pleased with his buy, he at that point backpedals to the Apple Store where he’d lined up a decade sooner and shrugs by wannabe iPhone X clients

Watch Samsung’s full ad:

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