Nvidia Released its Most Powerful GPU Ever at $3,000

Nvidia declared the arrival of Titan V, the most capable GPU ever.

This isn’t the sort of graphics card your gamer companions all purchased on Black Friday, either. This is a card sufficiently capable for use on look into in artificial insight and machine learning.

The GPU contains 21.1 billion transistors, and conveys 110 teraflops of power, 9 times that of other Nvidia processor. For point of view, the Xbox One X conveys just six teraflops, and that was extremely noteworthy when it was reported not long ago.

Try not to get any thoughts, however — the Titan V is $3,000. Great gaming GPUs are typically priced at $500-$600.

But it could mean gigantic things to investigate into and improvement artificial insight. In October, Google’s AI AlphaGo Zero turned into the best Go player on the planet, in what was broadly thought to be an enormous jump forward in profound learning, utilizing $25 million worth of computer hardware.

With such an effective and proficient GPU taking care of different developments, it’s energizing as well as terrifying to envision what the following enormous AI will have the capacity to do.


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