Samsung Is Taking Curviness To a New Level

Samsung has been doing a considerable measure of creative stuff with its displays. In the wake of having practically consummated the craft of bended smartphone displays, the South Korean giant is presently taking a gander at bendable smartphones with the supposed Galaxy X.

Samsung is additionally supposed to deal with a zero-bezel smartphone. And exactly when we thought smartphone displays couldn’t show signs of improvement, comes news of a 180-degree bended display from Samsung that goes the distance around – from the front of the phone to the back.

As indicated by LetsGoDigital, Samsung’s patent for a ‘Twofold sided’ display-wearing smartphone has been distributed in the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on December 12.

However, the patent demand goes back to September 2016. The first certificate was asked for by Samsung Display in October 2015. Which proposes that Samsung may have been chipping away at this for a long while.

The patent does not contain a considerable measure of literary data, but rather there are images that give us a thought of what Samsung has as a top priority. The portrayals demonstrate a touchscreen display that is adjusted 180-degrees on the right side of the gadget.

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