WhatsApp Encryption under Attack

German Researchers Say WhatsApp’s Group Feature Can Be Hacked

In May 2016, Facebook-claimed WhatsApp had acquainted the end-with end encryption for its users over the globe. This had increased present expectations of protection in the computerized informing community. But it has turned out to be difficult for WhatsApp to keep up the security standards, above all with regards to group chats.

However, a group of German researchers guarantees that they have found defects in WhatsApp group chat. Essentially, they have figured out how to rupture WhatsApp’s security to invade into group chats notwithstanding the conclusion to-end encryption innovation.

German cryptographers guarantee that the defect makes it simple for anybody to penetrate private group chat without the consent of the group administrator. WhatsApp, however, has turned down the claim.

The researchers from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany declared this news at “Real World Crypto Security Conference” which was held in Zurich, Switzerland, on January 10.

“The confidentiality of the group is broken as soon as the uninvited member can obtain all the new messages and read them. If I hear there’s end-to-end encryption for both groups and two-party communications that means adding of new members should be protected against. And if not, the value of encryption is very little,” Paul Rösler, one of the Ruhr University researchers, told Wired.com.

While showing how the group chats can be hacked on WhatsApp, the report denoted a point how their assault exploits a basic and little bug and penetrate the group discussion. However, an administrator is the special case who can welcome new individuals to the group, but WhatsApp doesn’t have an instrument to validate that welcome which its own server can parody.

Fundamentally, the server can add another part to the group without the worry of the manager.

Reacting to the report, WhatsApp stated, “We’ve looked at this issue carefully. Existing members are notified when new people are added to a WhatsApp group. We built WhatsApp so group messages cannot be sent to a hidden user.”

“The privacy and security of our users are incredibly important to WhatsApp. It’s why we collect very little information and all messages sent on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted.”

In their report, the researchers have additionally portrayed a few strategies which can be utilized to postpone the recognition of another member.


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