YouTuber sells his iPhone X in Walmart eco-machine for $370

When was the last time you managed to sell off your old phone for a great price? Well, often, phones do not hold a lot of value while being re-sold. But how about a premium phone like the iPhone X which is priced comparatively higher than the other phones? A YouTube went to sell his iPhone X to an eco ATM and guess the price he was offered? Well, it is $370.

iPhone X is a much newer handset and it is a bit confusing to see why it is going for a much lesser price. Perhaps it is not a great idea to sell the iPhone X on this machine. However, the eco-machine at Walmart is a great device to recycle old devices for some spare cash. Guess what? It even accepts phones with a broken screen. Also, it gives you the cash right away.

Check out this YouTuber trying to get the best value out of his iPhone X, later donating the money off.

So yes, have a look at this machine and keep a watch on it. The next time you are going to discard a phone, you will probably not have to worry about where to put it. Just go to this eco-machine at Walmart, and get a decent value for your old phone. But then again, you might just not be satisfied with $370 for an iPhone X.

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