It’s 2018: Is 8GB of RAM enough for you?

Well, it is 2018, and things, especially technology gadgets have reduced in size. That doesn’t mean that the requirements to run heavy stuff on your computers have reduced too. Yes, we are talking about RAMs.

A few years ago, if you would say that you have an 8 GB of RAM, one would say that well, it is more than enough to run a lot of applications. But what about now, is 8 GB of RAM enough to run all these heavy games and applications that come these days, that not only require significantly more memory (RAM) but also a better graphics processor.

Let’s find the answer to this important question in the video below:

Well now, that explains a lot of things. It is quite clear that if you need to perform basic to slightly advanced stuff, then 8 GB of RAM can take a lot of things. However, if you plan on running heavy performing games and applications parallelly, then you might want to upgrade your memory a bit.

Yes, other than that, an 8 GB of RAM is just fine for you to do a lot of things.

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