Breaking these seemingly unbreakable gadgets

When we think of tech gadgets, one thing which comes to our mind is taking special care of it so that it does not break. Yes, tech gadgets break a lot. This is the reason many manufacturers are now releasing what are called unbreakable tech gadgets, with claims that these tech gadgets cannot just be broken easily whatsoever.

However, people find a way around things, and so has this YouTuber. In the video below, the YouTuber takes a dig at all these gadgets that pose to be unbearable and tries to break them. Let’s look at the results ourselves:

Ah well! Now, that’s a bit of damage done on these fancy gadgets. This will quite surprise the manufacturers of these gadgets as the YouTuber is trying to break these gadgets put up in the video in an absurd way, and not by mere accident. In doing so, he completely invites a lot of things that can ruin the gadget, and that they no longer remain fit to be used.

So the next time you are out buying an unbreakable gadget, consider investing your time in this list.

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