Facebook is all ready to support new 3D formats in its news feed

Support for 3D imagery on Facebook is developing. Last October, Facebook presented posts of 3D objects on its news feed. The social network took off help for a new record design this week, which will make it considerably less demanding for its users to share fantastic 3D pictures.

The organization, glTF 2.0, takes into consideration more reasonable rendering of items’ surfaces, and more point by point 3D workmanship.

Alongside help for the new arrangement, Facebook is taking off new Graph API endpoints that will enable developers to assemble 3D sharing to Facebook specifically into their outsider apps.

As of now, users can transfer 3D content from Sony’s 3D creator application and the Oculus Medium web exhibition. Support for 3D objects from Google’s Poly library is still in the works.

A new Open Graph tag will permit web developers to make 3D content on their locales show up in 3D when shared on Facebook too.

What does this mean for you? Indeed, you may see more, and better, 3D pictures on your news feed, for example, those above. You can likewise include more dimension (ha) to the creations you see by bringing them into Facebook Spaces, Facebook’s social VR platform, the way you would a photograph or a video. This implies you could play virtual games with your companions in VR, or take selfies with your most loved objects, and above all make a lot of memes.

Facebook reported in its blog entry that it’s focused on supporting much higher-quality 3D models later on.


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