There are tech gadgets that can self destruct themselves when they are hacked

Technology has come a long way, and now, we are producing technology which can self-destruct itself once it is hacked. Yes, we are talking about self-destructing computers.

When Batman gets out of his Batmobile, or that it faces any threats, it tends to self-destruct itself to avoid any possible data breach – no evidence of a potential hacker to gain anything out. Similarly, there are computers that can self-destruct themselves upon being hacked. In the video below, this YouTuber talks about how it exactly works. Check out the great video below:

Great! We wonder what would be the application of this technology in our daily lives. Would you personally like to have a gadget around your house wich self-destructs itself once it is hacked? But then again, we think these are matters of high-security and are applied where privacy and security is the primary concern over anything.

If you think there is someone who cares so much about their privacy that they’d like to have a self-destructing machine around, do share this post with them so that they can know that they at least have an option.

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