Here are the top 10 biggest tech flops

Yes, technology is great. Every now and then, tech companies come up with new products that change the way we look at innovation, and how it is applicable in our day to day life. Nevertheless, not all innovations are here to make our lives better, for some of them are utter nonsense.

The tech gadgets we are talking about cost you a considerable sum of money, occupy space and are not the most useful out there, for it is true that you could just do without them. Nevertheless, for the sake of invention, or must I say under the pretence of it, these things are nevertheless invented. In the video below, you will be ooking at the top 10 biggest flops of technology that did not really exist, if not to bring themselves to this list. Check out the video below:

Indeed, the video provided us with a profound insight on how these tech flops manage to exist. So now you know that the next time you are calling an invention really cool, you must make sure that their name does not end up on this list.

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