Good Ol’ Mario is now available on your Google Maps Application with the latest update

Google may have beaten itself with the best Google Maps easter egg yet. So what is in the store this time?

The most recent update of the application incorporates a new ‘Mario Time’ feature that has the classic Nintendo character driving alongside you on your map.

Mario Time comes with a collaboration with Nintendo. The feature will be live for the whole week out of appreciation for Mario Day which is on March 10.

Once your application is updated to the most recent version available, the feature will show up. If you select Mario Time, your route will be assumed control by a Go Kart-driving Mario. Sounds cool, eh?

It’s not the first time that Google has concealed a classic computer game reference in the Maps. Beforehand, it transformed its mapping application into an all-out game of Pac-Man for April Fools’ Day and The Legend of Zelda most loved Link has likewise shown up.

Although Mario won’t be around the Maps application forever, while we have him, Google is urging fans to share screenshots of beloved Mario driving alongside them in the application with the hashtag #MarioMaps.

But remember to not share your personal information.

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