This is why NASA still hasn’t sent humans to Mars

Science and technology are interesting – quite interesting, and with the development of it, we are discovering new heights and depths. Space exploration too, with the development and advancement of science and technology, has reached new and incredible heights. With that done, lots of new planets and celestial bodies are discovered consistently.

Out of those is one red planet – Mars. We all know about Mars. In our lineup of the solar system, it is the planet which falls after earth and has good conditions to support life, apparently. However, it is 2018, and we still have not managed to send a human up Mars. What is the precise reason for it, do we know? Yes, we do. The video below explains everything. Here is the video:

Well, now that explains a lot of things. Human habitation is not very easy on a planet. For that, there are quite a lot of things that need to be taken care of, and work is happening on it, still.

Hopefully, in the times to come, we will be ready for the first human expedition of Mars. But until then, we will have to solely rely on rovers, machines, and robots.

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